DataOne Innovation Labs

The DataOne platform is a superfast analytical tool with advanced machine learning capabilities that provides data driven insights for organizations with multi-source structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.


All organization generate huge amount of data in their day to day operations: customers, orders, HR, internal processes, social media feed, and a lot more. This data contains business insights which organizations need to identify, collate and correlate across the operating silos in order to stay competitive. Building such capabilities is considerably expensive and time consuming. Our platform is designed for rapid adoption enabling the organization to gain business value at a fraction of the lead time and cost.



  • Project Started in: March ’16
  • Number of clients acquired: 4
  • Team size: 7
  • Acquired clients from India, US, UK, Australia

Sales Started

  • Sold small modules to generate revenue


  • Co-founders:
    Nikunj Thakkar
    BCA, MScIT
    4+ years of experience building multi-tenant systems
    Abhay Chrungoo
    BTech, MS, PhD (Deferred)
    16+ years in tech investment, scalability & optimization
  • Technology:
    Viraj Trivedi
    Software Developer
    Sanket Patel
    Software Developer Intern
    Yu Yang
    Contractual Full-Stack Engineer
  • Business:
    Parth Shah
    Business Consultant
    Milli Rangroo