Incubation Process

Six stage incubation methodology adapted by LEAF with its partners and tested with start-ups and students across the country. This includes elements of lean methodology, design thinking, building superior value propositions, user centric/problem centric solutions and other contemporary practices being adopted by leading incubators across the globe.

The six stage methodology is as follows:


Phase 1. Design Thinking, Idea validation & pivoting

Two Weeks: Teams work on getting settled with their teams, dividing the work, getting more feedback from the users/mentors. Mentors from incubators, companies & alumni, mentor the teams through the online platform, look at their business models & give feedback.

Phase 2. Product Building & Planning, Value proposition design

Four Weeks: Teams identify their product specifications/Market-Value-Proposition (MVP) requirements and finalize their product blueprints and eventually build their product components. They also receive alumni/technical mentor(s) based help in technical components of building their products.

Phase 3. Product testing and Business Modelling - Full Specifications

Two weeks: Business Model is built & MVP is tested to further refine over this two weeks. Team works on field for validation of their business model/MVP elements. Mentors also help the teams on their business models/MVP validation.

Phase 4. Product Communication/Product Marketing /Stakeholder relationships & networking

Six Weeks: Completing/Reviewing all outstanding issues, network & partnerships and communication strategy/plan

Phase 5. Demo Day / Company presentations

Presentations are made over the various incubators staff, VCs, invited stakeholders etc. who may support/invest in the startups.

Phase 6. Market Entry

Product/service is introduced into the market; user feedback is sought, marketing activities are carried out