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Product Offering

Non-Performing Assets are one of the biggest issue facing the country today and banks are acing major losses as the Assets acquired are not being sold at the right price and the right client. The solution is to completely move to E-auction and also market the assets to suitable buyers across the country and globe.

E-auctions have a great scope with the use of technology platform and the combination of all stake holders in a single platform. By bringing the Lenders, Borrowers and the purchasers and the service providers on a single platform can create a channel that is a win-win situation for all.


Progress Milestones

  • Have completed the creation of an e-auction portal and with the technology
  • Have applied for the Certification for the platfrom


  • Founders: Akshay Sethia
  • Mentor & Investors: Rajiv Parikh, CA Sunil Dad, CA Devendra Jain, Mahesh Joshi (Advisor RIL)
  • Technology: 5 Developers & 2 Support Team


  • One of the fastest company to register growth and revenue of the Incubator
  • E-auctions are very complex, so platform needs to manage multiple auctions and users at a single go and making sure that the process are instant as the final winner can have a margin of less than a milli second and that can cause litigation issues. With thes complexities, the platform is ready and have got all the threads ready with real time looping for taking the bids.

How LEAF Incubator has helped

  • Giving the right and hi-end infrastructure and services
  • Has given the platform to connect with mentors of different areas
  • Connecting with the industry to get the real time insights

Online Bidding from Platform