FROSCA is the unique concept of collaborating all the local brands with a single loyalty program so that the user can get the power of buying from anywhere and get rewarded and spend anywhere using that reward points


FROSCA helps the local brands to have their Own Loyalty Program and also a combine loyalty program



  • Established in: November ’2016
  • Made the Web Application live in Feb 2017
  • Released major update in April, 2017 for the Web application
  • Have 25 Retail Partners who are now FROSCA partners and add customers and give points to customers
  • Have more than 1000+ FROSCA End customers who are using the power of anywhere Loyalty with the FROSCA Points


  • Co-founders: 4
  • Technology team: 2
  • Sales & Marketing: 2
  • Operation & Support: 1

Sales Started

  • Ahmedabad, India
  • Vertical: Retail Stores