Urban Mining using E-Waste (largest and most socially and environmentally problematic waste) as raw material to produce precious metals and base metals & other by-products and also mitigate the Environmental And Health Hazards.


Surbine Recycling Private Limited is an initiative to bring around a revolution in the recycling of the E-Waste that would reduce social and environmental impact of improper disposal and unorganized recycling. Surbine would contribute to the national growth as well by reducing the outflow of a large amounts of PCB to Europe by retaining the Gold, Silver, Palladium and other precious metals found in E-Waste which are otherwise imported into the country.



  • Established in: Oct’ 16
  • Lead and Tin Separation Machine ready
  • Mechanical Separation Machines Ready
  • Precious Metal Refining Machines Ready
  • Copper Refining Experiments under progress. Expected completion date 15th July 2017.
  • Factory Building Ready
  • 500 KVA power connection – June End
  • Plant testing schedule 2 week July
  • Commercial Production 1 week August
  • Lithium Ion Battery Recycling experiments being conducted. Expected completion September 2017


  • Co-founders: Pankaj V Joisar, Sankalp P Joisar, Sunil Singh
  • Business Development Managers: Pankaj V Joisar
  • Technology: Sankalp Joisar, Sunil Singh, Navin Mittal